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Stratus Admissions' Guide to Getting into MIT Sloan School of Management

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If attending any other business school is like enlisting in the Navy, joining MIT Sloan is more akin to becoming a pirate, with its can-do spirit that sometimes bends the rules.

At Sloan, it’s about the four Hs: the Heart to strive, the Head to keep up, the Hands to get things done, and the Home to take risks in a supportive environment. The ideal candidate is looking for the big treasure chest: innovation-driven entrepreneurship, market disruption, and economic transformation.

In Stratus Admissions’ Guide to Getting into MIT Sloan School of Management , you will find information on a variety of the MBA program’s offerings such as the Sloan Innovation Period, Action Learning Labs, the MIT 100K Competition, and the Sloan Sustainability Initiative. This free guide also includes class profile statistics and our expert advice on answering the business school's application essay questions.

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