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MBA Application Fundamentals and Strategy

Regular price $3,350.00

Work with a seasoned Stratus Counselor on creating the bedrock of competitive applications. Over 4-5 weeks, your Stratus Counselor will guide you through a series of holistic introspection exercises. Together, you will produce insights to develop a personalized MBA strategy that captures:

  • Why the MBA?
  • Why now?
  • Short term post-MBA goal
  • Long term career aspirations
  • Areas for personal and professional development in business school
  • Key themes to present throughout your applications
  • A perfectly balanced school list
  • A short list of potential recommenders

Your take-away is a concrete plan of action to develop your MBA applications on your own or continue work with Stratus. Your personalized MBA strategy creates the foundation of the compelling narrative you must present throughout your applications. As you visit schools and engage with students, you will be able to clearly articulate your story and why you need the MBA for the next chapter in your life. When you write essays, you will build on that foundation by tying your key themes to each school’s themes while keeping your own narrative constant.

Here’s what a former client had to say about this offering:

“When I first considered using a consultant, I was hesitant to commit to the price of a comprehensive package without truly understanding what working with a consultant would be like. MBA Application Fundamentals and Strategy with Stratus was a relatively low-risk way to start the process and gave me the flexibility to choose how I wanted to proceed (i.e., working solo, purchasing hours, or upgrading to a comprehensive package) thereafter.

I was worried that in using a consultant, I would lose my “voice” trying to fit into some consultant mold, but the outcome was quite the opposite. The introspection process forced me to think about how different experiences in my life have shaped me personally and professionally and to examine post-MBA career options that fit with both my experiences and aspirations. My counselor helped me identify themes across these different goals and experiences.

The upfront work I did with her laid the foundation for my application strategy, kept my story grounded, and was directly applicable to several essays and even interview questions. It also helped guide my conversations with supervisors when I asked them to write my LORs.

For me, MBA Application Fundamentals and Strategy was a great way to “try out” working with a consultant while still moving the ball forward on my applications. I did end up upgrading to a comprehensive package.”
If a candidate upgrades to a comprehensive package within the same admissions season as an Application Fundamentals and Strategy package, they will receive $2,350 (MBA Counselor), $2,750 (Senior MBA Counselor), or $3,050 (MBA Director) credit towards the comprehensive package.