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Stratus Admissions' Guide to Getting into Harvard Business School

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Many people are intimidated by the prestige of Harvard with its worldwide reputation, internationally known professors, and historic campus. But once students settle into the Harvard Business School (HBS) experience along with hundreds of their peers from around the world, they quickly see that the environment is more supportive than its cutthroat reputation suggests. At HBS, students help each other, whether through study groups, after class, or on weekends. By using the case study method exclusively, HBS teaches its students how to think, analyze, and act.

In Stratus Admissions’ Guide to Getting into Harvard Business School, you will find information on a variety of the MBA program's offerings such as the FIELD Program, Innovation Labs, the Rock Center for Entrepreneurship, and the HBS Health Care Conference. This free guide also includes class profile statistics and our expert advice on answering the business school's application essay questions.

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