Law School Comprehensive Packages

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Most law school applicants require comprehensive guidance and support through the entire application process. To start, your Primary Counselor will guide you through holistic introspection and brainstorming exercises to create outlines for your Personal Statement and, if applicable a Diversity Statement and addenda. Drawing upon years of collective knowledge about each program’s distinct offerings, your Primary Counselor will help you refine your target school list. Your Primary Counselor will also guide you through development and revision of your Personal Statement and Diversity Statement, letter of recommendation (LOR) requests, resume and more.

A Secondary Reader, one of our most seasoned counselors, will also review your Personal Statement and Diversity Statement and provide insight and feedback from a different perspective. Our Proofreading Team will follow up by making sure your essays are typo-free.

In addition, you will have guidance to create supplemental and school specific content (including scholarship essays), and addenda (LSAT, GPA or both) for up to six (6) schools. Post–submission, your Primary Counselor will help you prepare for interviews, assist with negotiating school-specific merit scholarships, and, if needed, develop waitlist strategies and review letters of continuing interest (LOCIs).