MBA Early Edge

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What do business schools look for? Am I doing the right things? Can I get into a top school? Which opportunities should I be pursuing? How can I leverage my passions outside of work? How do I demonstrate the leadership necessary to get into a top school?

With Stratus' MBA Early Edge service we will assess your business school profile in all relevant dimensions, create a strategy to take your profile to the next level, and develop action steps to refine strengths and address gaps in your profile.

Stratus' team of expert advisors understands what it takes to gain admission to a top business school.

Here's what some former clients had to say about working with Stratus on MBA Early Edge:

“I cannot stress how both insightful and helpful MBA Early Edge was. With today’s
ultra-competitive landscape it’s imperative that you start preparing early. Given my demanding consulting job, the MBA Early Edge Package was perfect for me – my counselor worked with me to assess my strengths and weaknesses and basically gave me a road-map which would help me prepare to apply to the schools of my choice.”

“When I started on my MBA application journey two years ago, I was pretty far from being the ideal candidate. I did not graduate from an Ivy League university, I didn’t come from a traditional business school industry, and my story was nothing remarkable, or so I thought. Working with my counselor, first in the MBA Early Edge program and then in the MBA Comprehensive package infused me with a confidence I can’t describe. With Stratus' guidance and support, I was able to start thinking next-level about my applications, my mission and my future.”