Stratus Admissions' Guide to Getting into The Wharton School

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When it launched in 1881, Wharton became the first collegiate business school in the world. Joseph Wharton’s legacy lives on (his image can be found on the MBA Pub shirts!) through a highly ranked MBA program emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship. While the core curriculum rests heavily on analytical competence, there is also an incredible emphasis placed on collaboration and the ability to work in teams. From the team-based discussion during the interview to the focus on group academic projects, Wharton makes teamwork a priority.

In Stratus Admissions’ Guide to Getting into the Wharton School, you will find information on a variety of the MBA program’s offerings such as the the Field Application Project, the Venture Initiation Project, Wharton Follies, and the MBA Pub. This free guide also includes class profile statistics and our expert advice on answering the business school's application essay questions.

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